Welcome and At Triple E we are dedicated to helping you cultivate, win and grow business.

We support you and your people in developing the mindset, building the skills and embracing the processes, necessary for sustained transformation of business performance where you need it most. Typically this will be in leadership, high performing teams and in your “Sales Engine”. Clients recommend us for three things: clear and practical inputs delivered with integrity, achievement of commercially relevant outcomes and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

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    Identify the root causes of the current performance of your “Sales Engine” and Teams to ensure you optimise your return on investment.

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    Initiating transformation of mindset, skill building and use of processes through a mix of approaches for teams and groups. Digitally as well as face to face.

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    Tightly focussed approaches for the individual configured to deliver the intensity of performance you need delivered via Microsoft Teams.

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    A programmatic approach with integrative techniques to support learning in the day-job, including playbook design and business simulation.


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As business performance coaches, our aim is to challenge people's thinking around the building blocks of their everyday performance. You can expect us to develop in your people the motivation and commitment to embrace the mindset, and practise and refresh the key skills and use the processes, that are proven to help customers to buy what they value.

These include having a more focused awareness of how to most effectively interact with others, asking better questions, listening well and communicating value that customers will happily pay for. This also includes installing a simple sales process that drives and supports the instinctive application of appropriate behaviours at critical stages of the journey to a buying decision.

On a cautionary note, you will not be supported in the use of manipulative, coercive or – in any other way – unethical techniques. The goal is a happy customer who wants to keep coming back and that will be happy to refer and recommend you.

Typically coaching is around the higher value sale. Often to salespeople, consultants and business developers either with a mind-set bogged down in technical expertise or focused only on "show and tell", or pushing solutions, but who are ambitious to step up to a higher level of performance where they can be wholly effective delivering value in front of the customer.

You can expect us to support your people to work together effectively in teams as this is all too often a prerequisite for ensuring your customers receive the value they think they are buying. Acceleration of team performance is the outcome of the Triple E TEAM ∆V™ programme.

The aim is for people to embrace the HiPer Mind-Set™; to be working towards discipline in their performance and consistently using the skills they need to achieve results they want; supporting them in developing a firm hand on the tiller of their own success.

If your experience of organisational life is one of mounting complexity, you will find our reductionist approach positively invigorating. Simplicity is everything.

Exemplifying the approach is critical to engaging and enabling others to do the same.


Triple E is a private limited company headquartered in the Cotswolds, well placed to serve clients based in the UK and beyond. The experience of the team is truly global having delivered client assignments in North and Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Triple E possesses strength in depth in performance coaches who see coaching, collaboration, value delivery and building business as fully integrated. The team is frequently called upon for multiple coach delivery with accompanying programme management and communications support.

Our expertise comes from extensive practice in customer-facing communities (Consulting, Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Sales [Field Sales, Telesales, National and Major Account Sales], Strategic & Key Account Management, Strategic Marketing, Market Research, Communications & Design).

We have substantial experience of working on accelerating team performance in both leadership and customer-facing settings.

The Triple E team is strengthened by various subject matter experts who help to reinforce the concept of high quality practice as required.

Post COVID-19

In 2020, we have significantly re-engineered our approach to group coaching in order to respond to the requirements of contact-free/remote working as a result of the global pandemic.

We have torn up the playbook on how we used to work and started from first principles to ensure that a half-day on Microsoft Teams can actually be an enjoyable learning experience! But only as part of series of elements in the learning journey.

Like many industries, we have had to rethink and engage with what we see as a "portal to the future". We take a view that the new way of group coaching is as effective if not more so than before COVID-19.

We are evolving radically. But what about you?

Don’t count on returning to a pre-COVID-19 level of in-person sales coverage, as only 20–30% of B2B buyers want to ever interact with sales people in person even in their ideal/post-COVID-19 model!

Are you ready for this?


When the company was founded in 1994, three words were selected to embody what you should expect from us. These three words by happy coincidence all begin with the letter "E", and so an identity for the business was born.

Effectiveness – Doing things to get results with the highest quality & productivity.

Effectiveness demands defining a path of continuous improvement, constantly challenging both your, and our own, approach and processes in order to remove interference and drive out waste – attending only to the things that need to be done. It requires taking a systems approach with a clear understanding of the relationship between the inputs and outputs of every undertaking in order to ensure discipline in performance.

Enthusiasm – A passion for creating value, feelings of worth and shared contribution.

People need to feel part of something worthwhile, to be valued, to feel that they are making a contribution in their own right, getting better at, and enjoying, what they do.

Believing in what you do, understanding it, owning your part in it, being clear who you do it for and stretching yourself to fulfill your potential contributes to your enjoyment and generates behaviours of high integrity.

Excellence – Achieving high performance. Day in, day out. Whatever the pressure.

The fusion of effectiveness and enthusiasm is the path to excellence. Stimulating faster, more agile, mentally tough and skilled learners, determined to be the best they can be is an important shared goal.

Developing individuals' resilience to be able to think and execute correctly under conditions of high intensity and uncertainty is the key to creating transformational leaders at the interface with your customers and in your organisation.

Our commitment to you is the creation and maintenance of a high-performance culture in your organisation that supports your people in achieving time compression in the long term, greater value for you and your customers and a reputation for being a great place to work for all the right reasons.


Transforming Mindset, Skills & Process

Our focus is on sustainably improving the capability of businesses to uncover, create and trade value. At the same time you will also benefit from a reduction and elimination of activities and behaviours that drain time, energy, effort and money and which detract from value in your business.

At the heart of the approach is an understanding of how to become truly high performing.

We support you in the growth of a “learning culture”; one in which your people manage their own development and learn to unleash their capabilities and work to their peak potential, whilst enjoying themselves, staying healthy and developing strong feelings of self-worth.


In advance of client assignments, you can expect us to work to optimise the receptiveness of those seeking to improve their performance, by stimulating their thinking and attitude towards learning.

In particular we will challenge your existing beliefs and attitudes about talent and establish a basis for embracing a "growth" mindset.


When it comes to delivery, although our expertise is rooted in practical business experience, we have a firm grasp of what is required to facilitate learning and performance improvement in your people. What follows is the underpinning of the 3 E's.

  • Enrich

  • Exercise

  • Empower


Judging where to invest in order to maximise your ROI requires a thorough understanding of the stages in the learning process. All too often, the first of the following stages is given far too much emphasis.

  • Initiation

  • Orientation

  • Integration

  • Acceleration


Mental Toughness is a quality that determines, in some part, how effectively individuals perform when exposed to stressors, pressure and challenge... irrespective of the prevailing situation.

High performers need to be coached to manage their responses to conditions of high intensity and uncertainty to know that they are always capable of delivering their best efforts.

Degradation of performance under pressure is a predictable source of loss of quality and productivity translating into reduced margins for business. Especially problematic when this is your leaders doing a bad day!


Effective team working is critical in many aspects of organisational activity, not least in maintaining relationships with your most important customers and of course in providing direction and leadership at all levels of a business.

However the truly high performing team is elusive in most organisational cultures; largely because the investment in their creation is not prioritised – although the outcome of the efforts of a high performing team are highly sought after.

To create and sustain a high performing team, you need to understand the recipe and where to invest.


We recognise the significance of the statement "Leaders have to go first" in the ongoing transformation of organisational culture to become ever more customer-centric and value-driven. We support leadership teams in driving this transformation by:

  • Developing and reinforcing their understanding of the critical architecture of a High Performing Value-Driven organisation.

  • Recognising the contract that exists between leaders and followers and the skills and behaviours to negotiate this contract.

  • Stress-testing the critical beliefs, skills and processes that are required in role-modelling to followers.


In engaging with Triple E you are able to access a "total organisation" approach customised to your specific organisational requirements. Starting from a robust diagnosis of the current performance of your organisation's "Sales Engine" or vital teams, through to development of mindset, skills and processes to close performance gaps and in support of world class performance, supported by project management, communications design and implementation as required. You contract the level of support to achieve the business results you need. You will find the detail of the services below.


Over the last decade or so, we have assembled a blueprint and coaching methodology for enabling organisations to become self-sufficient in a dynamic and socially constructed approach to change – the antithesis of a “change programme”. Launched as a unique capability in 2015, the Triple E Total Enterprise Performance System™ offers a value-creating, customer-centric alternative to the stock remedy of the management consultants – the corporate “change programme”.


Whilst we are most frequently engaged by clients for our group and one-to-one coaching services, some clients seek an evaluation of the running performance of either their sales engine, or their business crtical teams, before determining most precisely where to make changes that have the optimal impact on future performance.

This approach not only has clear value in its own right, it allows the development of a comprehensive programme to deliver the maximum ROI and supports clearer measurement of impact.


We design and deliver modular programmes, stripped of jargon, on a variety of customer-centred topics traditionally delivered physically and now, in the Post-COVID-19 environment, we can provide modular virtual Group Coaching using Microsoft Teams as a platform. We have devoted significant effort to re-engineering our approach in order to ensure that the format and content is extremely interactive, making use of virtual break-out rooms, highly structured sub-team briefing, using polls and surveys in addition to both pre- and post-online-module activities.

Supporting businesses in developing the mindset, skills and processes that lead to improvements in their competitiveness is a particular strength. We offer challenging thinking and a fresh insight on skill development to support any of your people interacting with your customers, or operating in teams, to raise their game. The results are an improvement in your business' productivity in the business of out-competing other businesses whilst acquiring and retaining customers.


Coaching at the individual level is critical to achieve complete integration and ultimately acceleration of mindset, skills and behaviours that are typically introduced in a group coaching context.

1-2-1 coaching is provided remotely using Microsoft Teams [preferred] or Skype for Business and only very occasionally face-to-face if absolutely required. Unless you have the necessary internal coaching capability, you can rely on Triple E to provide the coaching inputs you require whilst also supporting you in building coaching capability in-house if required.


Peter Drucker wrote; “Most people need to feel that they are here for a purpose, and unless an organisation can connect to this need, it won't be successful over time.”

We encourage clients to take this thought to it's logical conclusion when embarking on a new learning journey with our support. A lot of thought, hard work, time and money goes in to the preparation of learning and development initiatives. All too frequently, insufficient attention is actually paid to the communication to the target audience of such programmes. A memo or an email really doesn't do it justice when it comes to conveying the significance of learning initiatives. Let alone generating demand and enthusiasm. Participants of coaching that are self-selecting for options to meet their development needs, and place a value on personal performance improvement, get much more from their learning than those who are simply "told to come along".

Ongoing communication support to engage, embed and enthuse high performers is an additional area of strength. Our particular focus is in providing clarity around what we refer to as the "Big Picture".


A Sales Playbook, is like a sports playbook, involving a compilation of the strategies, tactics, tools and techniques that Sales Performers will use during the Sales Process. The Playbook starts as a graphic representation of the Sales Process for getting to a Buying Decision. Overlaying the Sales Process are the critical inputs and outputs showing what your Sales Performers should be doing in given situations.

The Sales Playbook is a dynamic resource to support fluency and consistency of the skills and behaviours required to be a High Performance Value Seller. It sits alongside various modes of improving performance such as group and one-to-one coaching (especially Intensity Technical Coaching).

The creation of a Sales Playbook forces your decision-makers all the way to the Leadership Team to reflect systematically and rigorously on the company’s orientation towards its customers and markets. The demands of focus, brevity and clarity of the Sales Playbook have a value in flushing out wooliness and hyperbole to ensure that your value proposition(s) shine through.


Your Sales Playbook can become the basis of a Business Simulation that can be used for practice sessions at your Sales Meetings/Conferences or stand-alone events.

These can be developed in the form of a board game and may include software components to develop the potential for complex variables to be experimented with is 'safe' situations. Ideal in advance of new product launches or when bringing new Sales Performers up to speed on complex offerings.

Additional scenarios can be developed that involve a series of customer meetings, usually following the Triple E Value Model®, that can be deployed as a part of the 'game' format described above, or as stand-alone Practice Scenarios.

These can be run with actors taking the customer roles however many of our clients have found asking Senior Leaders to take the Customer role to be highly transformative and valuable for all concerned.



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