Jon holds a mirror up to the misguided and dysfunctional individual and corporate beliefs and ensuing behaviours that sabotage performance, undermine human spirit and destroy value. He encourages people to pause and think in a compelling, inspiring, yet pragmatic way. Business leaders describe him as a challenging “slow” thinker, critical friend and trusted coach.

Jon seeks to coach people how to use their brains effectively to think for themselves within the bounds of the implicit guidance and control provided by the purpose, principles and values of their organisation and the requirements of customer-centricity.

Consequently his focus is a systems approach to the integration of evidence-based principles – drawn from a variety of disciplines: social, cognitive and performance psychologies, human physiology, behavioural science and economics – with customer focus, business acumen and common sense. These are delivered with simplicity, energy and enthusiasm, to assist clients in the hard work associated with achieving a high performance mindset in their chosen domain. This philosophy underpins the Triple E approach.


Pragmatic, direct and grounded, Jeanette executes the administrative functions of the business to ensure that you receive invoices on time, that we get paid on time, that members of the team are with you at the right time.


A highly experienced, commercially astute and strategic Sales Effectiveness Consultant with an impressive track record of helping Sales Leaders achieve their goals.Adrian brings a tough-minded but fun approach to his work and can deliver creative answers to problems.

He has many years experience in B2B sales and account management development, ranging from strategy development through to team development, individual professional development to 1 to 1 coaching.

He has worked on initiatives such as: how to prove ROI; how to improve your Bid success rate; how to position yourselves as thought-leaders; how to benchmark your people and then develop them to be world class.


Mike is an experienced development consultant specialising in improving both Sales and Management performance whether it is with business start ups or with established companies seeking to evolve. Having worked extensively in demanding sales environments Mike is passionate about supporting people to be the best they can be, both in the world of work as well as in their personal life.

He is a coach and business facilitator with a fascination for working in challenging sales environments where, sometimes, no one has an answer… Having worked with teams across the corporate spectrum from new entrant to Board Director he has learned that the answer(s) can come from anyone.

Mike is proud that he can create the learning environment where people can develop and grow and are then able to take their learning from the training room and are able to successfully transfer it to their world.


A dynamic and experienced coach facilitator with a background in Retail, having worked for 15 years with several prestigious UK and International retailers within Europe.

He possesses a creative approach to achieving business growth in harsh competitive environments. Uses operational experience to support commercial insights and transfer of selling skills.

Fluent in French, Stephen focuses on personal efficiency with practical use of tools and team performance improvement and is used to working with senior and middle managers.


Constance is a Public Speaking Consultant, Mentor & Coach, specialising in Advanced Presentation Skills, Voicework & Delivery Skills, Executive Coaching, Personal Presence and Impact.

She has over 20yrs experience as a Professional Actress and Voicework working with CEOs and Executives at Board Level. She has worked extensively in Television, Theatre and Voice-Over medium. She is a trained teacher, has an M. A. and taught Voice at Florida State University.

Her real passion and proven expertise is coaching Senior Executives and CEOs to achieve Personal Presence and Impact at all levels; Conferences, Keynote Speeches, Board Level, Meetings internal and external, Executive Interviews both across Private and Public sectors. She has the ability to build rapport and communicate effectively with Chief Executives, VPs, MDs. and Directors.


Matt is an accomplished actor and voice over artist who has worked in theatre, TV and film, trained at theDrama Studio in London. (His most high profile role [52 episodes] was playing the bounty hunter Slade in Channel 5's smash sci-fi drama "The Tribe". His theatre credits include numerous Shakespeare productions and performances at The RSC Swan in Stratford upon Avon.)

With client work as diverse as the HSBC, MoD, Wickes, The Environment Agency, Virgin Airlines and Mercedes Benz, he has worked in simulating and re-enacting business scenarios (such as customer meetings, performance reviews, behaviour and workplace issues) since 2005.


Ben is an business actor and facilitator with over ten years experience in drama based training, working with clients including EY, KPMG, Commerzbank, Santander, the John Lewis partnership, McAlpine and the MOD. Ben is also a classically trained actor with credits ranging from the West End to Silent Witness. He was also a secondary school English teacher before he became an actor.


Stephen specialises in brand and visual communications whilst integrating metaphor, story and dialogue to support leaders in communicating effectively to their chosen audience. With over 20 years working with global clients, he has helped many organisations clarify and communicate business issues internally and externally resulting in improved business performance. Stephen has a particular interest in the role of symbols; words and pictures, in organisational change, particularly how words affect the emotions, and hence levels of motivation and the successful co-ordination of action.

He has a varied background in graphic design, internal communications, brand management and art and sculpture. He is a member of Toastmasters International achieving his Advanced Gold Award in 2011.