The mindset you bring to a Triple E coaching session is critical to the value you will get out of your investment of time and your organisation’s financial investment in providing you with the opportunity.

You are encouraged to choose to believe that you can always improve and to get out of your comfort zone – viewing this as a journey of discovery and adventure.

    Fear of Failing

    Unless you are exceptionally fortunate, you are probably working in an organisation whose culture has a dominant goal of avoiding failure and rewarding success.

    This goal will drive the default behaviours and attitudes – typically characterised as aversion – that people hold towards acknowledging failure or mistake making.

    However trying new things offers the certainty of making mistakes, not getting it right first time.

    Performers need to be open to mistake-making as a basis for improvement. (This is the basis of the “scientific method” and a more modern concept of “Failing Intelligently”.)

    The Talent Myth

    In all likelihood you will also be an individual who has been through an education system that prioritises the notion of talent and mythologises the notion of effortless performance. If you have been really unlucky you will have performed exceptionally at your chosen pursuits and been constantly told what a “talented individual” you are.

    And if the years of consolidation of the concept of talent have been successfully absorbed, you are likely to be someone who believes that if you are talented, you shouldn’t have to make an effort. (Or conversely, that having to put a lot of effort in shows that you haven’t got what it takes.)

    The reality of course is that all skill building requires effort. Effortlessness is a performance illusion created on the back of thousands of hours of practice.


Possessing a distorted perception of “talent” and the institutionalised “fear of failing” has a serious consequence with regard to your own attitudes towards openness to new ideas and working hard.

Both of which will need to be addressed if you are to embrace the "growth" mindset of a High Performer.

This is summarised as seeing capability and capacity for performance as something to be cultivated through effort and;

  • Believing that talent is not enough;

  • Believing that experience alone does not count;

  • Being open to trying new things.

We will do as much as we can to help you to get ready to take full advantage of your session with us by thinking ahead about the content well in advance, beginning to formulate ideas about the mind-set for “world-class performance” and how to be prepared to fail intelligently!