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Triple E Performance Hard Skills Wallpaper

This computer desktop wallpaper acts as an aide memoire for the "hard skills" of performance.

Download this wallaper here.

Boyd's OODA Loop

The most powerful unifying model for strategic thinking to date was developed by a former US fast jet pilot, John Boyd (1928-1997), and incorporates:

  • An analysis and synthesis of military endeavour dating from Sun Tzu to modern times;

  • Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem (Any logical model of reality is incomplete (and possibly inconsistent) and must be continuously refined/adapted in the face of new observations);

  • Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (There is a limit on our ability to observe reality with precision);

  • Second Law of Thermodynamics: (The entropy of any closed system always tends to increase, and thus the nature of any given system is continuously changing even as efforts are directed toward maintaining it in its original form – In other words the natural tendency of everything is to move towards chaos);

  • Darwin’s theory of evolution regarding natural selection expanded to include social systems (Nation states, corporations, etc.).

Read more about John Boyd and the origins of the OODA Loop in this excellent Fast Company article.

Download this summary graphic as a PDF here.

IDEF0 – Supporting Performance

IDEFØ is a method designed to model the decisions, actions, and activities of an organisation or system. You can also use it as a powerful model for supporting and forcing clarity about your performance.

Download this summary graphic as a PDF here.

Principles of War

The Principles of War that form the intellectual framework for the application of military power by UK MOD represent a powerful and relevant lens through which to evaluate the commercial power of your organisation. Are you leveraging the power of these time-tested principles in your business?

Download this summary graphic as a PDF here.