Fundamentally, business performance coaching, in the 1-to-1 context, is about working with a Performer on an individual basis to help them refine their own internal model of performance such that they take responsibility for making measurable, step-by-step improvements in the appropriate dimensions of key performance factors that are dictated by their role. Triple E coaching is always set within a structured framework.

Goals are clearly stated and agreed, both with the organisation and the individual being coached. The coach will ensure that the goals set can be measured and that all parties know when the goals have been achieved.

Your coaching will be provided virtually using Microsoft Teams or if absolutely required on a face-to-face basis at a mutually convenient location.

What is a Triple E 1-2-1 Coaching Session Like?

We have been providing remote 1-2-1, digitally enabled, coaching since 2010. This means the session is conducted with a real-time video and audio (voice over internet) link accessed directly from your desktop/laptop Mac/PC or iPad.

What is so good about it?

Firstly, remote coaching is conducted on software that your business will almost certainly be employing to facilitate remote working Post-COVID-19. Either Microsoft Teams [preferred] or Skype for Business

Secondly it offers much more than just video and audio. You can experience a fully interactive coaching session sharing documents, video or with graphical slides and whiteboard illustrations as though you are in the same room as your coach. If using Microsoft Teams, we can create a Group area where useful documents can be uploaded and accessed directly by you, without having to send things via email.

Thirdly it offers a great deal of flexibility. Coaching sessions can be scheduled and moved at much shorter notice without any need for expensive travel arrangements, or the costs and environmental burden of travel. The sessions can take place at your office, home or any remote location – wherever you have access to the Internet.

And finally it opens up the possibility for high-quality 1-to-1 coaching for individuals for whom this was previously not an available option either for cost or logistical reasons.

How does it work?

Your coaching appointment is scheduled in the usual way as a Microsoft Teams meeting via Outlook. At the appropriate time you just join the meeting in the invite for your Outlook or iCal calendar. You will then be connected to your coach by a live two-way video link. And yes, we do insist on your camera being switched on!

What will you need?

All you will need is your Mac/PC or iPad, a quiet location with either broadband wired or WiFi Internet access.

Coaching Principles

  • The client organisation, as budget holder, has an active interest in the coaching contract.
  • The Performer is responsible & accountable for coaching inputs & outputs during and between sessions.
  • Emphasis is on application & development of mindset, skills and process through high quality deliberate practice.
  • Coach uses a range of tools to explore Performer's critical beliefs and ongoing development.
  • Coaching Impact to be measured.

Intensity Technical Coaching

This coaching format, where the focus is skill building within the Performer's role, is flexible to accommodate the nature of day-to-day business so will encompass a mix of face-to-face, video and telephone coaching around preparation for client meetings and post-execution performance reviewing according to the P.E.R.M. Cycle™.

The intent is to drive effectiveness and intensity with which habits are being practised/tools being used in relation to specific meeting objectives and learning objectives. This includes identification of areas for further improvement and strategies for supporting the Performer to develop their strengths.

Leadership Coaching

  • Do you have customers for your leadership?
  • Are you a role model for high performance?

Leaders are often hard pressed to dedicate any time to their own personal development. It may be that they have a particular skill requirement, highlighted by taking on additional responsibilities and frequently manifested in more demanding interaction with others. Coaching is crucial to maintaining excellence for all Leaders.

Mental toughness is a critical requirement for leadership and we are able to support you through accredited use of MTQ-48 in the coaching you demand. (MTQ-48 is a highly respected and validated profiling tool that assesses your mental toughness.)

Coaching Surgery

Scheduled drop-in surgeries are another way of providing follow-up support for Performers.

A combination of refresher inputs and individual follow-up sessions provide a powerful aid to post-workshop and group coaching activities.

Useful reminders, reviews of action plans, successes and failures, together with deepening understanding, enable individual Performers to continue their development through a structured and supported approach.