The Triple E approach to learning is has a threefold focus:

  1. Enrichment – Boosting awareness and understanding of new beliefs, skills and behaviours, tools and techniques;

  2. Exercise – Experimentation and deliberate practice in “how to” use new concepts and ideas to develop new habits;

  3. Empowerment – Through discussion, feedback, challenge, reflection and summarising, individuals are supported in making their personal commitments to improve a reality.

The principles that guide our approach to learning are:

  • Individuals need to be motivated to learn.

  • Standards of performance should be set for the learner.

  • The learner should be given guidance.

  • The learner must gain satisfaction from the learning.

  • Learning is an active, not a passive process.

  • Appropriate learning techniques should be used.

  • Methods should be varied (to maintain interest).

  • Time must be allowed to absorb and integrate the learning.

  • The learner must receive reinforcement.

  • There are different levels of learning requiring different methods & lengths of time.

In practice, performers can anticipate a learning experience characterised by:-

  • Ensuring that negative and/or unhelpful beliefs or attitudes that would impede learning are addressed up front.

  • Giving thought to relevant tools and techniques to help people practice and rehearse new concepts prior to taking them back to their workplace.

  • Using issues drawn from participants to make the subject matter directly relevant.

  • Using anecdotes, case studies and explanations that link ideas being put forward to peoples' own experiences.

  • Seeking to encourage long-term change in habits, behaviours and attitudes, not simply entertain.

  • Emphasising that the development of personal responsibility and self-management is the fundamental source of performance improvement.

  • Embracing the concept of failing intelligently; i.e. treating failure as a means of identifying how to improve.

  • Using a positive approach, seek to build from strength and ability.

  • And above all, keeping in mind that learning is a natural and enjoyable activity for people. Having fun enhances our learning!