The Corporate Executive Board’s 2012 analysis of the drivers of performance, for more than 23,000 managers and employees across more than 40 organisations globally, found the 10 employee competencies that differentiate those best able to perform at a high level to be:

  • Prioritisation
  • Teamwork
  • Organisational awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Self-awareness
  • Pro-activity
  • Influence
  • Decision-making
  • Learning agility
  • Technical expertise

Our own experience indicates that the effectiveness of collaborative behaviours is a strong indicator of long-term commercial success and the current effectiveness of teamwork is an essential precursor to most performance improvement initiatives.

This is especially true when working at the strategically significant levels of Leadership Teams and Strategic Account Teams.

Team Performance

Our analysis of current team performance interrogates 5 crucial parameters of collaborative working.

  • Role & Goal Clarity;
  • Belief & Confidence;
  • Motivation & Commitment;
  • Team Hygiene Factors;
  • Working Together.

The resulting analysis will give clear insights on the root causes of current team performance and help prioritise remedial action.

Mental Toughness

Given that two individuals placed in the same working environment can respond entirely differently – one succumbing to the pressures of stress and one thriving – it is essential that we endeavour to understand the capabilities of people in teams to perform with environmental stressors and also to develop those capabilities in line with the operating conditions that team members will find themselves in.

This is why Mental Toughness has emerged as a key component for individual and organisational performance and forms a cornerstone of the Team Performance Diagnostic.

Operating Environment

Understanding the context of performance is clearly crucial to align insights on team performance and mental toughness. The final element of the diagnostic seeks to understand, through face-to-face interviews, the nature of the operational challenge facing the team, the approaches being taken to address these challenges, together with the underlying beliefs that are driving team members behaviour.


The Team Performance Diagnostic will identify the root causes, consequences and symptoms that are driving current performance of your team. This can be used to provide a comprehensive assessment of Risk and Opportunity in relation to the likelihood of achieving your team goals and targets based on the alignment of the inputs we observe and the likelihood of achieving the outcomes you desire.

We will provide you with clear recommendations on what non-negotiable steps you will need to take to improve your team's performance. Business impact is typically evident within 3 months from implementing these recommendations.